Report Builder is the powerful combination of a layout design tool, a business intelligence tool, a statistics tool and a programming platform.

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Define custom formulas and conditional visibility of objects. Enclose object(s) (e.g., tables, charts, slides, reports) in a loop or nested loops to create multiple instances with systematic variation.

Data Connectivity

Swap in a new or updated dataset to automatically update the charts, tables and other visuals.

Layout Precision

Specify the exact positioning of objects, the colors, fonts, markers, borders, value formatting, spacing, z-order and even the composition of custom vector shapes.


Perform t-tests and z-tests, trend test, benchmark test and more, in both tables and charts.

A few pages from our tradeshow booklet:


  • Office Integration
  • Office-native editable charts
  • Office-native vector-based tables
  • Powerpoint templates & placholders
  • Dynamic slide headers and footnotes
  • Excel page breaks and print margins
  • Hyperlinked table of contents
  • Statistical Testing
  • Independent z-tests, t-tests, & more.
  • Benchmarking
  • Trend testing
  • Testing in charts
  • Custom indicators: markers & symbols
  • Testing in tables
  • Graphical Components
  • Dynamic, computed text
  • Customizable text markup
  • Infographics
  • Shapes
  • Background colors, images
  • Editing
  • Rulers
  • Alignment buttons
  • Precise positioning
  • Snapping to guides and gridlines
  • Multi-edit for all objects
  • Searchable project tree
  • Working with Data
  • Rollups
  • Re-basing (without creating new vars)
  • Macros (repeat common rollups, etc.)
  • Custom syntax
  • Limiting (show top n sorted items)
  • Pin items when sorting
  • Cell hover to show sample size, etc.
  • Hover to view stat test formula details
  • Option-order multi-response
  • Mention-order multi-response
  • Scale matrix features
  • Net Promoter Score
  • Robust Weighting
  • Low sample size indication
  • Working with Labels
  • Templates for dynamic labels
  • Keywords (e.g., [var] [syntax] [value])
  • Awesome label trimming rules
  • Auto-trimming
  • Single, consolidated or multi-edit
  • N-sizes in labels e.g., (n=1,345)
  • Looping
  • Loop a single slide
  • Loop a group of slides
  • Loop any object
  • Nested looping
  • Instance-specific rules

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