• Master the Waves
    Fewer steps from data collection to reports, especially for multi-wave studies. Leave more time for analysis.
  • Visualization: Your Vision Beautifully Presented
    Create clean tables and native office charts; Fully control fonts, colors, borders, positioning, etc.
  • Serious Time Savings
    Run frequencies and create charts faster than with any other software!
    After building a report, subsequent waves are a breeze.
  • One-Click Statistical Testing
    Independent z-test, t-test, trend test, benchmark, and test within subsets.
  • Customize using Brand Templates
    Use PowerPoint master slides, placeholders, theme colors. Match your brand exactly.
  • Multi-dimensional Measures
    Easily stack similar variables e.g., top, middle, bottom box of a matrix. Awesome feature.
  • Custom Software
    We build Simulators, Dashboards, Reporting Portals, and Automated Reports.

Download Latest Report Builder

Release 1.1.1010 "Surfer" - 3/27/2014
  • Custom computations in TextBlock (for slide base size footnotes, etc.)
  • TextBlock xml encoding to support more characters
  • Added TextBlock Paragraph styles
  • 'Multi-var combine using or': corrected valueformat
  • 'Multi-var combine using or': corrected base
  • Prevent crashes for IO file access errors

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