Report Builder

Design and automate data-driven visual reports

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Use for Market Research

Report Builder works well with questionnaire data, handling many measures, rollups and groupings. Features include statistical testing, labeling shortcuts, sample-size-aware features, re-basing, native SPSS data file support and many other market reasearch features that analysts will love.

Use for Business Intelligence

Native support for SQL data sources. We are focused on adding support for APIs and more.

Build Microsoft Office documents

Reports you create are fully compatible with Microsoft Office. This yields native editable charts and tables, crisp fonts, and sharp scalable vector graphics.

Interactive Web Dashboards

We create custom interactive web dashboards. Additionally, we plan to release a do-it-yourself dashboard builder.

Get Inspired

Our Inspiration Gallery includes infographics and templates to inspire and enrich your data visualizations.

Let us Help

Our professional services team is ready to help you implement data visualizations, report automations and more. We know software, UI, data, statistics, modeling and more.