Qualtrics data files not readable in Report Builder

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We changed survey platforms to Qualtrics and discovered that the default SPSS .sav files are not useable by Report Builder. If you load the data file into RB and specify a table or chart, the RB results window just says “Queued [dataset1]” and stays that way. What’s weird is that if we read the file into SPSS and then write it out with not changes, the data file is a bit smaller and it works in RB. So we can use that as a workaround but obviously not ideal to have to run the data file through SPSS each time. Can you look at the attached data file and figure out what is causing the problem? We are not sure if it is an issue with RB or Qualtrics.



robsmith Aug 21, 2017

Thanks very much. I’ll check it out and see why the file isn’t compatible. I’m glad you have a temporary workaround.

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