Exported filter label needs parenthesis to show and/or precedence

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Really minor note here for you, but I just noticed the following. I created an Excel graph with 2 filters:

Filter 1: s0==2 or s0==3 or s0==4
Filter 2: wave==3

When I export the graph to Excel and then unhide the data, the table shows the filter logic like this:

Filter: s0 == United Kingdom or s0 == Germany or s0 == France and wave == 2017

This isn't strictly correct because "ands" takes precedence over "ors". Really, it should show up as:

Filter: (s0 == United Kingdom or s0 == Germany or s0 == France) and (wave == 2017)

Obviously not a huge deal since the data is coming out correctly and I wouldn't have known of the issue if I didn't unhide the data, but thought I'd make you aware anyway. I did notice that if I convert the chart to a table, the filter doesn't output with the values. Anyway, keep up the awesome work!



robsmith Aug 3, 2017

Fantastic, thanks very much! I agree with you 100% and I’ll change it.

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