Values in percents/frequencies listed in descending order

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In a new project I’ve started, the values in the Edit Measures window for percents and frequencies are shown in descending order (from 5 to 1). Typically I’ve seen it in ascending order. Is this related to an update to RB? (Or, could I be working with an SPSS file that has a different way of managing these variables?)



robsmith Jan 26, 2016

Report Builder will display the values in the order they are stored in the SPSS file. SPSS 23 (and maybe earlier versions) automatically sorts them. I'm guessing your data file was produced using a third party utility rather than SPSS itself. So if you were to open the data file in SPSS and re-save, that should re-order the value labels and they will appear in ascending order in RB.

I wonder if RB should automatically sort them, or at least have an option for that. What do you think?

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