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What's new in version 1.3.1009:

  • Significant improvement in performance for computations, exports, and loading dataset into RAM.
  • Added sig test confidence levels: 99%, 98%, 80%, 70%, 60%
  • Ability to exclude groups from sig testing.
  • Added weight button next to dataset to make it easier to set project weight.

What's new in version 1.3.1004:

  • New project item: Universe Filter, which filters all children
  • Freeze panes feature for exported Excel sheet
  • Data: Load dataset into RAM to improve compute speed
  • Data: Lock/unlock dataset to allow modify in e.g., SPSS
  • UI: Vector icons for improved readability/performance on high DPI devices (e.g., touchscreens, Microsoft Surface)
  • UI: Improved 'inspect' feature
  • Syntax: added tags and tag substitution syntax
  • Syntax: more robust var axis syntax (@{var} rather than @a)
  • Syntax: sort index can be syntax for dynamic sort col
  • Syntax: image source can be syntax
  • Syntax: labels and other things can contain aggregatable syntax
  • Looping: Add vars to loop instances + new layout
  • Tables: May use images instead of labels
  • Chart: Improved performance of preview graphic
  • Slide Editor: Move and resize multiple objects simultaneously
  • Slide Editor: Better enter/exit of isolation mode
  • Slide Editor: lock aspect ratio
  • Slide Editor: improved performance
  • TextBlock: templates
  • Misc fixes
  • Misc improvements
  • Image Stretch modes {none, uniform, fill}
  • Support for SQL Server (in preview)

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