Set Default Weighting

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The default weighting for new measures is "Inherit from Weighting Axis". (The measure "N" is an exception). To change the default:

First, in the Edit Measures window, create a new measure and click the Edit Weighting button (top right) -- see figure 1.0.

figure 1.0

In the Edit Weighting window, change the weight by clicking a radio button (see figure 1.1).

figure 1.1

Click the Set as Default button and notice that the asterisk will move to the new default (figure 1.2). Then click okay.

figure 1.2

Now, back in the Edit Measures window, you'll see an indicator appear above the right-arrow button. This indicates the default weighting setting.

figure 1.3

Create your new measures and they'll automatically receive the new default weighting.

figure 1.4

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