Exclude group(s) from stat testing

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By default, all groups within an axis will be included in statistical testing. To exclude a group from statistical testing, edit the groups and click the 'exclude from t1' toggle as shown below. An icon will appear next to the group indicating that it will be excluded from t1 testing.

exclude from t1

When a group is excluded, a sig test indicator (e.g., A,B,C) won't be assigned (see below), and the related cells will not be tested or tested against.

exclude from t1

Important notes:

  1. When benchmark testing is used, usually the first (or last) group is the benchmark. If you exclude the benchmark group, the next group will be used as the benchmark instead.
  2. When trend testing is used, excluding a group will cause its next group to test against its previous group. So if your groups are {Jan, Feb, Mar}, excluding Feb will cause Mar to test against Jan (skipping over the excluded group(s)).



robsmith Dec 4, 2017

Do we need the ability to assign a sig test letter even if the group is excluded from stat testing? I think other statistical software like WinCross will still show the letter, even if a group isn't included in the sig test comparison group set.

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