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Secondary stat test

4 comment(s)     Oct 31, 2016

I thought I'd mention some work we've recently done to give you an idea for a future improvement (if you haven't thought of this already). For a series of reports that we've been creating, we have: * Created a series of graphs that show 2016 data, split by different segments. Stat testing is done... [view]


Start screen is blank except for red bar

1 comment(s)     Oct 25, 2016

I’m having some trouble with the Report Builder program this morning. I just wanted to check-in with you to see if you might be able to help me figure out what is wrong. When I open the program I just get a white screen. When I move my mouse around a red bar appears as well as a path to some of o... [view]


Multi-var combine on string variable

1 comment(s)     Sep 19, 2016

Whenever we try to run “Multi-var combine” using a string variable, the program recognizes it as a numerical. To fix this, we have to go in and change the syntax so that Report Builder can know that we are working with a string variable, and not a numerical. Is there a way that the program can autom... [view]


Exclude outliers from base: nullif{comparisons}

5 comment(s)     Sep 15, 2016

Our existing function `nullifeq` can be used to exclude single values from the base, For example `nullifeq(Q1,99)` excludes 99 from the base. But we need functions to exclude ranges from the base, e.g.: nullifgt(nbchildren, 10) -- exclude records where nbchildren > 10 nullifgte(nbchil... [view]


Freeze-Panes in Excel sheet

1 comment(s)     Sep 2, 2016

An easy way to specify the freeze panes cell for a sheet. [view]


Multi-var combine as discrete values

0 comment(s)     Sep 2, 2016

In Edit Measures window, after selecting multiple variables and clicking the ellipsis menu, an option to "multi-var combine as discrete values" would create syntax like this: pctin( in(B4_1,5,7,12,16) or in(B4_2,5,7,12,16) or in(B4_3,5,7,12,16) ... [view]


Chart from question grid

4 comment(s)     Sep 2, 2016

I am trying to create a chart from a question grid where 5 retailers were across the top and 18 attributes were down the side, and the respondent selected all the retailers that fit each attribute. So my data has one variable for each retailer-attribute combo (90 total) with a value of 1 if selecte... [view]


Nets on multiple variables

7 comment(s)     Sep 2, 2016

Is there an easy way to create nets for multiple variables? We would need to go both across variables and across values. For example, I have open end variables B4_1 to B4_5 and want to create a measure that shows the percent with the values 5, 7, 12 or 16 across those 5 variables. How would I do ... [view]


Using a Named Filter

3 comment(s)     Aug 16, 2016

I have a question regarding unique filtering for different instances. I put logic in the instance value field (e.g. sampletype==1) and when I filter by name @filter1, there doesn’t seem to be any change based on instance selected. Is there another step I’m missing in applying the filter? [view]


We’re having a problem in Report Builder where respondents could say multiple open-ended responses to a question and it doesn’t look like the entries we coded as “other” are all being counted. At first we had each “other” coded as 26 so we then tried creating a unique value for each additional menti... [view]

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