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RESOLVED. I discovered a small bug in RB when using weights. If you have a range defined with an empty upper or lower boundary (`‘null’` in the syntax below) weighted value will always show up as 0. pctinrange(Q1,1,null) However setting the max value to an actual number instead (in this ... [view]


Filter using != (not equal to) is inverted

1 comment(s)     Nov 25, 2015

RESOLVED. If I use a filter to indicate that I want everything but a certain value, I’m finding that if I click on the filter again, the syntax will change so that my selection of the dataset becomes inverted from what I originally intended. So if I enter `rockstar!=1` in my filter syntax to... [view]


Markup shows [name]=[value]

1 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

When I display markup for my groups, why does it show `[name]=[value]`? [view]


RESOLVED `numericfield=="string value"` in syntax causes RB to crash. `stringfield==1` in syntax causes RB to crash. [view]


RESOLVED I am having some problems when I try to import a template to my report builder project. I get this error: Error importing template: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". [view]


Bug: PPT Elements Outside Slide Boundaries

0 comment(s)     Jan 4, 2015

A slide exported to PPT can cause errors if it is positioned to the left of or top of the slide edge (has negative coordinates). [view]

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