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Using a Named Filter

3 comment(s)     Aug 16, 2016

I have a question regarding unique filtering for different instances. I put logic in the instance value field (e.g. sampletype==1) and when I filter by name @filter1, there doesn’t seem to be any change based on instance selected. Is there another step I’m missing in applying the filter? [view]


We’re having a problem in Report Builder where respondents could say multiple open-ended responses to a question and it doesn’t look like the entries we coded as “other” are all being counted. At first we had each “other” coded as 26 so we then tried creating a unique value for each additional menti... [view]


How would you compute the percent of respondents where (q1 is between 1 and 5) or (q2 equals 2)? [view]


I have a set of open-end numeric variables that were part of a 100 point allocation question. If I’m trying to create a NET variable that pulls in anyone who allocated 1+ points across 3 of the variables, how would I write that syntax? I tried this syntax, but it’s telling me no one meets this cr... [view]


How to compute midpoint mean?

2 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

One user asked: What's the best way to compute Means for age or income category questions? Do I create a recoded variable converting the categories into the midpoint values? Or do I do it using syntax in RB? (e.g., `%($25K-$50K)*37.5))+ %($50K-$75K)*62.5.5))+…)` Is there another method? Anot... [view]


Difference from Last Month

1 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

How would we show how much Measure 1 changed between this month and last month? I tried creating a group which is the difference between those two months: syntax is: (this_month==1) - (last_month==1) But that didn't create what we're looking for. [view]


Re-basing multi-var combine using or

3 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

How would I re-base a '*multi-var combine using or*' syntax to all respondents? Here's the original syntax that RB created: pctin(or(Q1==1,Q2==1),true) [view]


Globally Show Markup?

1 comment(s)     Jan 3, 2015

Is there any way to globally show the markup? I like to use the mark up to check things, but I tend to build multiple tables and don’t want to have to go into each to toggle on, then off the markup. [view]


What does "!=" mean in syntax?

1 comment(s)     Jan 3, 2015

What does "!=" mean in syntax? [view]

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