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Multi-var combine as discrete values

0 comment(s)     Sep 2, 2016

In Edit Measures window, after selecting multiple variables and clicking the ellipsis menu, an option to "multi-var combine as discrete values" would create syntax like this: pctin( in(B4_1,5,7,12,16) or in(B4_2,5,7,12,16) or in(B4_3,5,7,12,16) ... [view]


Stat test letter cell formatting in Excel

1 comment(s)     Apr 5, 2016

When we create a table any cell that does not contain a stat letter will have many decimal places (although the format will only show 1 or 2, whatever we specify). However, if there is a stat letter, then only the number of decimal places as we've specified show up along with the stat letter. Is it ... [view]


Two stat tests on a table or chart

1 comment(s)     Jan 26, 2016

In  my scorecards I need to run two different types of stat testing.  One is against the total column, so if I have Total, Brand A, Brand B, etc across the top, then it is testing Brand A against the Total, Brand B against the total and so on.  I have that all set up, but then I also need to stat te... [view]


Stat Testing in Var Axis

1 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

This feature would allow the user to perform stat testing in the var axis. [view]


Weighted Median

1 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

Update: The weighted median algorithm was improved in *version 1.2.1007 "Another Wave"* I'm getting very close on the weighted median function. It comes very close to matching SPSS. I think the difference may be due to rounding, but I'm not sure yet. I would like to know how important this f... [view]


Table of Contents for tables exported to Excel

2 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

**This feature is now available**, and there's an article that explains how to [create a table of contents](/docs/report-builder/table-of-contents). First, the exported tables would be given a "named range" in Excel. Second you would be able to export a table of contents that links to those ... [view]


Customize Stat Testing Groups

0 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

Currently the only way to customize stat testing groups is to place groups into separate categories, then click the test within category button. But this feature enhancement would allow further customization of test groups, such as test group one: {A, C, D} and test group 2: {B, E, F}. This also m... [view]


File Explorer Right-Click Save As Subset...

0 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

I've considered adding an Explorer file handler so that in Windows File Explorer you can right-click on an SPSS file and create a copy of the file which includes only a random subset of records. This would be used to create a working copy of the data which doesn't take as long to compute in RB. ... [view]


Find and Replace in Edit Labels area

0 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

It would be nice to be able to do a find and replace in the "edit labels" area. [view]


Weighted Groups

0 comment(s)     Feb 13, 2015

This feature would allow users to apply different weights to different groups or sets of groups. For example you could apply one set of weights to "income" columns and another set of weights to "country" columns, or to a specific country column. (Whereas now you can only apply different weights to... [view]

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