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Frequencies do not show up when base is small

16 comment(s)     Apr 26, 2018

I'm trying to set up a frequency table on a variable that has a base under 50. Nothing shows up. I can't figure out where the option is to turn on/off. [view]


I just wanted to let you know that I think the load to RAM feature is the best new feature in RB. Last year, I had to export a large set of tables overnight, but this year, I ran 900+tables for the same project (and more data!) in an hour. This also made me think of a new feature idea—provide an ... [view]


Qualtrics data files not readable in Report Builder

1 comment(s)     Aug 21, 2017

We changed survey platforms to Qualtrics and discovered that the default SPSS .sav files are not useable by Report Builder. If you load the data file into RB and specify a table or chart, the RB results window just says “Queued [dataset1]” and stays that way. What’s weird is that if we read the fi... [view]


Really minor note here for you, but I just noticed the following. I created an Excel graph with 2 filters: Filter 1: s0==2 or s0==3 or s0==4 Filter 2: wave==3 When I export the graph to Excel and then unhide the data, the table shows the filter logic like this: Filter: s0 == Un... [view]


row percentages

1 comment(s)     Jun 2, 2017

Is it possible to output both row and column percentages in table output? We have a client asking us to do this. Thanks. [view]


Resize Table

1 comment(s)     Jun 1, 2017

How do I resize a table? Dragging the edge doesn't seem to work. [view]


Join tables

0 comment(s)     Mar 8, 2017

I like the feature of adding multiple datasets to my project, but it would be nice if I could join them together like in Tableau. [view]


Message when file is unlocked

0 comment(s)     Mar 8, 2017

Sometimes I'll unlock my datafile to work on it in SPSS. Then I forgot to lock the file and try to compute a table. Report Builder just shows a blank table, but it would be helpful if it showed a message indicating that file is unlocked. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my table wasn't co... [view]


Exclude columns when sig testing

0 comment(s)     Feb 23, 2017

When we apply sig testing, can we add an option to exclude the total column (so that "A" starts on the second column)? [view]


Stat testing options

1 comment(s)     Feb 13, 2017

We are hoping you could help us with a few questions about stat testing in RB: * Are there any **comparisons corrections** built in, either for cell comparisons or column comparisons? (False Discovery Rate, Fisher LSD, etc.) * Any accounting for **overlaps** in column comparisons (Independen... [view]

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