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Report Builder and I are starting to become BFF’s these days! - Elizabeth Paz, Culturati

Report Builder has improved the efficiency of my team tremendously. The biggest impacts are decreased time from raw data to report population and proofing. It also enables me as a project manager to jump in and review data or add cuts myself. The simple interface was easy to pick up and works great across team functions. - Jeannine Rua, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Report Builder is a very valuable resource for reporting. It helps me populate reports more accurately and efficiently, and is very easy to use. - Alyse Dunn, Chadwick Martin Bailey

The intuitive interface of Report Builder makes analyzing data, populating reports, and creating Excel deliverables a breeze. - Sophia Sa, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Report Builder has been instrumental in speeding up our reporting process. The ability to sort, change value formats, and view significance testing are huge upgrades from how we did things in the past. - Cara Lousararian, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Report Builder allows me to quickly create editable Powerpoint reports, without a large team. The interface is intuitive for market researchers. Making changes on the fly is point & click. We love this new tool! - Lori Reiser, Advanis

I used Report Builder to analyze a data set with over 38,000 records and was very impressed with Report Builder’s ability to easily crunch such a large volume of data! - Matt Skobe, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Report Builder helps me put tables together quickly, without having to write a bunch of excessive recoding syntax for my data file, which saves me a ton of time. - Caitlin Dailey, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Using the report builder has saved me a lot of time converting data from SPSS into a PowerPoint presentation. It makes it easy to format how you need the data to look on the back end, and quickly move into PPT to cut down on reporting time. - Jennifer Golden, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Report Builder allows me to get quick insight into my data with polished results that that I can immediately share with my clients. - Cindy Ford, Rook Solutions

I have switched to Report Builder from SPSS almost entirely! It makes playing in data very easy and the output is already formatted to be tossed right into reports. Now with the Sig Testing available I don’t have to spend hours and hours in Wincross to come up with sig tested data. It has saved me A LOT of time!! - Sam Steiner, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Report Builder allows me to streamline the reporting process and eliminate room for human error. - Hannah Jeton, Chadwick Martin Bailey

This tool has made report population and table creation so much easier and faster than other tools I have used in the past! - Jessica McClelland, Chadwick Martin Bailey

Report Builder has already saved my team countless hours of data manipulation and processing. It also creates client friendly deliverables. - Sean Kearney, Chadwick Martin Bailey

I often use Report Builder even on projects that were initially set up with other tools. It allows me to produce formatted output extremely quickly, and many modifications take no more than a few clicks. - Michael Parnes, Advanis