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Exhibit at TMRE

This was my first time as an exhibitor at any conference. I wanted people to think of Metric Studios when they have tracking studies with multiple waves, so I created some banners with waves (from Hawaii of course). Also I brought a couch because I didn't want to just stand and look like a dork all day. I prefer to sit while looking like a dork. At the minute before the show, as things were looking very Hawaiian, my wife said "Hey, you should bring your Ukulele." I said, "No, I would feel very dumb." But then I brought it anyway, and I met a few artists:

As I suspected, many people walked past as quickly as possible avoiding eye contact at all cost. I admit, that's exactly what I do. I don't want pushy sales people to bug me for 45 minutes. But I think I'm pretty much the opposite of pushy. People from the neighboring booths were nice enough to give me some general booth tips. Even with my lack of experience and overall foolishness, some very nice people stopped by to chat about my software and play the Ukulele. I admit that I enjoyed it a little.

I'm surprised at how many people can play the Ukulele! Here are just a few:


Boca is nice

I like Boca Raton, mostly because it's close to The Bahamas and the Bermuda Triangle.

Boca Raton
Boca Raton


I'll exhibit again, because overall it was effective. But I had a hard time staying at the booth, and often left it empty to wander around and say hi to people and check out sessions. I should bring someone with me the next time, or at least a mannequin or robot to hand out my booklets.

This guy did the research at Honda for my exact sportbike.



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