Filter using != (not equal to) is inverted

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RESOLVED. If I use a filter to indicate that I want everything but a certain value, I’m finding that if I click on the filter again, the syntax will change so that my selection of the dataset becomes inverted from what I originally intended.

So if I enter rockstar!=1 in my filter syntax to see data for all responses that aren’t value 1 in the rockstar variable, it will actually change to rockstar==1 if I go back into the filter at any point, effectively inverting the selection of data I’m looking at. Interestingly, this only happens if there is an actual variable used in the syntax. Using a made-up variable (e.g., madeup!=1) will not invert itself.

I am using build 1.2.1021.18513.



robsmith Nov 25, 2015

This issue is resolved as of release 1.2.1030 11/23/2015.

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