Stat test letter cell formatting in Excel

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When we create a table any cell that does not contain a stat letter will have many decimal places (although the format will only show 1 or 2, whatever we specify). However, if there is a stat letter, then only the number of decimal places as we've specified show up along with the stat letter. Is it possible to change this so that cells with stat letters:

  • contain all decimals;
  • only shows the number of decimals that we've specified; and
  • have the stat letter in the cell format rather than in the cell value?

There are times that this would be beneficial to us. If you have a particular reason for the current behavior, would it be possible to be able to choose either how it works now or using the above?



robsmith Apr 5, 2016

This request totally makes sense. I think we should provide an option to do it either way. We can probably include this feature in the next release.

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