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Find and Replace in Edit Labels area

0 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

It would be nice to be able to do a find and replace in the "edit labels" area. [view]


Weighted Groups

0 comment(s)     Feb 13, 2015

This feature would allow users to apply different weights to different groups or sets of groups. For example you could apply one set of weights to "income" columns and another set of weights to "country" columns, or to a specific country column. (Whereas now you can only apply different weights to... [view]


Feature Request: Connect to Remote Dataset

1 comment(s)     Jan 7, 2015

First you upload your dataset to our secure servers. Then in Report Builder you connect your project to the remote dataset (rather than the local SPSS file). Our servers are able to compute the results faster – because they are high performing machines plus they split the task among multiple machi... [view]


Save the computed results cache with the project

1 comment(s)     Jan 7, 2015

Is there a way to save the data so that I don't have to rerun everything whenever I open the file? I have all my tables set up, but when I exit out of the program, the next time I open it up, then I have to re-run them again. Does that make sense? [view]


Bug: PPT Elements Outside Slide Boundaries

0 comment(s)     Jan 4, 2015

A slide exported to PPT can cause errors if it is positioned to the left of or top of the slide edge (has negative coordinates). [view]


Feature Request: Table Row Colors

0 comment(s)     Jan 4, 2015

It would be good to have the possibility to make one of the rows in a table (rows as displayed, whether from actual rows dialog or measures) have different color settings from the rest. [view]


Feature Request: Small Population Stat Testing

0 comment(s)     Jan 4, 2015

Be able to use the small population t-stat testing. With smaller populations, smaller sample sizes yield higher confidence than if you had an infinite population. [view]


Project Tree: Drag and drop

1 comment(s)     Jan 4, 2015

Here's how it would work. If user selects one or more item(s) in the project tree, all having the same parent, user can drag the item(s) and drop somewhere else. The drop location must be a valid location for the type of item(s) being dragged. This might commonly be used to simply re-order items wi... [view]


Feature Request: Stat test minumums

0 comment(s)     Jan 4, 2015

Specify a minimum for stat testing to be run. Then show somehow (perhaps with a *) to indicate that stat testing has not been performed against any column that is below the threshold. [view]


Globally Show Markup?

1 comment(s)     Jan 3, 2015

Is there any way to globally show the markup? I like to use the mark up to check things, but I tend to build multiple tables and don’t want to have to go into each to toggle on, then off the markup. [view]

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