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In a new project I’ve started, the values in the Edit Measures window for percents and frequencies are shown in descending order (from 5 to 1). Typically I’ve seen it in ascending order. Is this related to an update to RB? (Or, could I be working with an SPSS file that has a different way of mana... [view]


Two stat tests on a table or chart

1 comment(s)     Jan 26, 2016

In  my scorecards I need to run two different types of stat testing.  One is against the total column, so if I have Total, Brand A, Brand B, etc across the top, then it is testing Brand A against the Total, Brand B against the total and so on.  I have that all set up, but then I also need to stat te... [view]


A user encountered a data file that caused RB to stick at 0% when trying to compute. After studying the file's binary data I discovered that it didn't specify the number of cases in the file. I'm not sure if the SPSS file specification requires that or not. The workaround was to open the file in ... [view]


RESOLVED. I discovered a small bug in RB when using weights. If you have a range defined with an empty upper or lower boundary (`‘null’` in the syntax below) weighted value will always show up as 0. pctinrange(Q1,1,null) However setting the max value to an actual number instead (in this ... [view]


Filter using != (not equal to) is inverted

1 comment(s)     Nov 25, 2015

RESOLVED. If I use a filter to indicate that I want everything but a certain value, I’m finding that if I click on the filter again, the syntax will change so that my selection of the dataset becomes inverted from what I originally intended. So if I enter `rockstar!=1` in my filter syntax to... [view]


Stat Testing in Var Axis

1 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

This feature would allow the user to perform stat testing in the var axis. [view]


Markup shows [name]=[value]

1 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

When I display markup for my groups, why does it show `[name]=[value]`? [view]


RESOLVED `numericfield=="string value"` in syntax causes RB to crash. `stringfield==1` in syntax causes RB to crash. [view]


RESOLVED I am having some problems when I try to import a template to my report builder project. I get this error: Error importing template: Object reference not set to an instance of an object". [view]


Weighted Median

1 comment(s)     Nov 14, 2015

Update: The weighted median algorithm was improved in *version 1.2.1007 "Another Wave"* I'm getting very close on the weighted median function. It comes very close to matching SPSS. I think the difference may be due to rounding, but I'm not sure yet. I would like to know how important this f... [view]

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