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Join tables

0 comment(s)     Mar 8, 2017

I like the feature of adding multiple datasets to my project, but it would be nice if I could join them together like in Tableau. [view]


Message when file is unlocked

0 comment(s)     Mar 8, 2017

Sometimes I'll unlock my datafile to work on it in SPSS. Then I forgot to lock the file and try to compute a table. Report Builder just shows a blank table, but it would be helpful if it showed a message indicating that file is unlocked. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure out why my table wasn't co... [view]


Project weight tied to loop instance

0 comment(s)     Nov 3, 2016

It would be nice to be able to tie the project weight to a loop instance. Sometimes I'll see projects with one weight that's a "global" weight and another weight that's a "country-specific" weight. I've also seen things like one weight for "Global w/out China" and one weight for "Global with China... [view]


Formatting specific table rows

2 comment(s)     Nov 3, 2016

I’m trying to figure out if there is a way to add formatting on specific rows (ie bolding, italics, or different color). To give you some context, I’m building a table that will be showing a long list of brands (~70) and want to bold or somehow highlight the client brands within that list by changin... [view]


SQL server support

1 comment(s)     Nov 2, 2016

Does report builder have the ability to pull directly from SQL? No specific need at this moment, just noodling on ideas. [view]


Secondary stat test

4 comment(s)     Oct 31, 2016

I thought I'd mention some work we've recently done to give you an idea for a future improvement (if you haven't thought of this already). For a series of reports that we've been creating, we have: * Created a series of graphs that show 2016 data, split by different segments. Stat testing is done... [view]


Exclude outliers from base: nullif{comparisons}

0 comment(s)     Sep 15, 2016

Our existing function `nullifeq` can be used to exclude single values from the base, For example `nullifeq(Q1,99)` excludes 99 from the base. But we need functions to exclude ranges from the base, e.g.: nullifgt(nbchildren, 10) -- exclude records where nbchildren > 10 nullifgte(nbchil... [view]


Freeze-Panes in Excel sheet

1 comment(s)     Sep 2, 2016

An easy way to specify the freeze panes cell for a sheet. [view]


Multi-var combine as discrete values

0 comment(s)     Sep 2, 2016

In Edit Measures window, after selecting multiple variables and clicking the ellipsis menu, an option to "multi-var combine as discrete values" would create syntax like this: pctin( in(B4_1,5,7,12,16) or in(B4_2,5,7,12,16) or in(B4_3,5,7,12,16) ... [view]


Stat test letter cell formatting in Excel

1 comment(s)     Apr 5, 2016

When we create a table any cell that does not contain a stat letter will have many decimal places (although the format will only show 1 or 2, whatever we specify). However, if there is a stat letter, then only the number of decimal places as we've specified show up along with the stat letter. Is it ... [view]

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